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Welcome to the Frontpage

Who We Are

Since 1989, concilio Latino de Salud has served the Hipanic/latino communities by promoting education and disease prevention.

We are a nonprofit organization which partners with national and local institutions, neighborhoods and individuals. We actively pursue goals set by the national projects "Healthy People 2000" and Healthy people 2010" by providing cross-cultural and bilingual assistance, advocacy, public policy analysis, resources, applied research, client referrals and media links.

Why We Do What We Do

Health awareness requires a continual reaffirmation of our mission: To make quality and wholeness of life as natural as life itself in the Hispanic/latino community.

Why We Do

As dedicated health professionals in a community of diverse cultures, we strive to create an awareness of bienestar-well-being as a holistic synthesis of mind; body and spirit.To establish this awareness as a way of life.

We Work to this end through programs affecting behavioral change and life style modification while maintaining a culturally appropriate dialogue based on accepted community principles:

Confianza: Belief and faith in the exchange of prevention services.
Personalismo: Empathy with our clients.
Respeto: Respect based on understanding of individual needs
Familismo: Commitment to Family.